Are you still clinging to your old Windows-based photo booth setup?

If so, it’s probably time to cut your losses and upgrade to a photo booth software option that you can run off an iPad.


Well, not only will it drastically reduce event set up time, but it can also help grow your business as well as your clients. Plus, using outdated tech options will only leave you in the dust as your competitors embrace this new way of running photo booths at events.

Need some convincing? Here’s how using Snappic’s iPad based photo booth software can help you keep up with the Joneses and still make bank.

1. It’s easier to set up and doesn’t actually cost more than Using A Traditional Windows booth

On the fence about upgrading your photo booth tech to an iPad set up? The good news is that you’ll actually save money.

How much?

Here’s what you can expect to spend over a three year period to keep up the market and your competitors.

*Sharing is based on 4 events per month at $30 per event

*Hardware based off one of the more reasonable systems and iPad based on pic Station mini

So by switching to an iPad based system, your monthly expenses to run your photo booth can go from an average of $298 a month to only $171.

2. You’ll Also Save Time By Switching to iPad Photo Booths

Time is money, and if you’re running a business, you want to use it as efficiently as possible.

With traditional Windows setups, you need to spend time transporting your booths, setting it up for the event and then managing the system.

With iPad based systems, it cuts out all that hassle.

You only need to download the photo booth app and run it. You don’t even need to have someone standing by it for the whole event.

When it comes to transport, you don’t need to be in the same state. A person in California can set up an event in Miami without the expense of hopping onto a plane.

And your employees? Gone are the days when you need to invest time in teaching and explaining how to install a windows based setup. With iPad based photo booths, the setup is simple, and your employees can instead spend their free time helping you bring in more clients.

Plus you won’t have the stress of frozen screens, USB drivers not being recognized and expected Windows updates.

3. Your Customers Will Love iPad Photo Booths

It’s no secret that people love new things. iPad photo booths look high tech, are easy to use and are something attendees haven’t seen before. Plus, they boast elements that aren’t yet offered by Windows based systems such as machine learning features which are already offered by Snappic.

All this makes people want to engage with the photo booth even more.

And with the ability to wrap booths with branding and logos, it’s the perfect way to get people sharing their experience on social media and turning your event into a success.

4. iPad Photo Booths Mean More Business For You

Gone are the days when a photo booth was just a strip of keepsake photos.

Today, they are a powerful marketing tool that can help your client reach thousands of potential customers – who aren’t even at the event.

With built-in social sharing, you can help create FOMO by showing everyone at home what they missed out on. Or by branding the photos with your client’s logo, animated or still, you can help their brand get hundreds of impressions and reach people who didn’t even know they existed.

After all, it’s a known fact in the digital marketing world that people trust media shared by their friends more than those pesky sponsored ads.

iPad based photo booths give you the leverage to slide into people’s feeds naturally and help create a lasting impression that isn’t overbearing or considered too “salesy”.

Start Earning More Money

As a business, it’s your job to give your customer’s as much value as possible. With iPad based systems, not only can you help your clients achieve greater success, but you can lift your business up at the same time.

Ready to cut back on expenses and start earning more money? Sign up for Snappic’s free trial and discover for yourself how a simple iPad photo booth software can help transform your business.

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