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Corporate Events

Modern photo booth technology provides many opportunities at corporate events. With our superb software features, you can turn any business event into a more memorable affair thanks to the digital tools we make available. Whether you want to capture unique and extraordinary video experiences with a 360 booth or completely wow your guests with experiential greenscreen background templates, Snappic’s fun and reliable software will deliver. Of course, staging corporate events means there are many, many things to consider, so why add a photo booth at all to the list of things on offer?

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Why Use a Photo Booth at Your Next Corporate Event?

As mentioned, photo booths are both fun and memorable. This is because rather than simply recording who attended a particular event, they create unique moments which people will want to share with their colleagues and others. If you are holding a company product launch, for instance, then the fun aspect of being able to make use of digital props and backgrounds will certainly go down well with attendees from the press and your industry alike. However, you can also create experiential marketing adventures with them just as well. For example, if you want members of the public to be more engaged with your newly launched product range, then why not use a photo booth to show how much people enjoy interacting with it? There again, you can just as easily offer the same sort of experience at trade fairs and exhibitions where you will want to engage with executives and the business community.