A nalytics are important for all sorts of reasons. They’re used for measuring visitor numbers to certain pages of your corporate website or for seeing which of your social media posts garner the most attention, for example. With Snappic’s analytics feature, you can also get a great deal of information about the people at your event who have used your photo booth. Not only will you be able to track how many people have taken photos in your booth but you’ll also be able to pull more in-depth analytics such as age range and gender.

For example, with Snappic’s analytics and custom survey option, you will be able to collect exactly the sorts of things your clients like and offer them more of the same, thereby boosting your brand’s exposure no end. In addition, you can use the analytics on offer to get even more attention by running competitions. Read on to find out how a competition might work for your business.

Firstly, the main thing to remember from offering a photo booth service at your event is that you are creating shareable moments that give you the brand exposure you’re after. Making this actionable in some way takes the process a step further. Some people do this by offering discounts or promotional codes for future events, for example, but you could also run a competition on social media for even better results.

Let’s say that you decide to give away a prize for a certain type of image taken at your event. It could be the most creative use of a digital prop, the craziest green screen picture or simply the funniest photo from the event. Whatever you decide to go for is not really the point. You could even have more than one prize to give out for different categories. The most important thing is to get people thinking and talking about your photo booth and making sharing on social media an actionable outcome. Quite apart from this showing off how much fun has been had using your photo booth, it will create much greater brand awareness of your business among people who never attended the event.

A social media competition like this should get your guests to think in ever more inventive ways about their use of your photo booth. It will also promote greater use of your event’s hashtag by them, as well. You could make it a rule of the competition, for example, that only properly tagged images shared on social media will be considered for a prize.

Bear in mind that all of the e-mail addresses, phone numbers and Twitter handles captured by Snappic, can be downloaded with ease. Simply put them into a convenient Excel spreadsheet and you will have all the functionality you’ll need to keep track of their post-event online activity. Remember, too, that the data you capture with Snappic’s survey feature can be customised so that what you obtain from guests is always in keeping with the nature of your clients’ events.