Making a Memory Last For a Lifetime using Snappic’s Photo Booth Software

All events, whether they are privately staged parties, community gatherings or corporate promotions, have the ability to create long-lasting memories. Being physically present at a corporate event, for instance, is very different from reading about it or watching a video of it. This is because we experience it directly. Put simply, when we are present in body at a corporate event or business presentation, we are also more likely to be present in mind. This creates an opportunity to associate any corporate event with positive memories, something, that experiential marketing schemes can benefit from greatly.

The big difference between merely attending a business event and making a visual record of it is clear, however. When you look back on any event in your mind’s eye, the memories may be positive but they will necessarily begin to fade. That said, with a photo or two to prompt your recall, the event can remain very much alive in your memory. That is why so many people take selfies these days and use digital photography to create visual records, of course. This is nothing new, either. People have been recording events with engravings, paintings and sketches for centuries before photography was invented.

And yet, it is now possible to create even more memorable images nowadays, especially when deploying pop-up photo booths at business events and trade shows. People understand at an almost intrinsic level that a photo booth is there for capturing fun moments. Whether they pose in them alone or group together in teams of colleagues, the idea is to do something memorable that will remind them down the line of the fun they were having. And with Snappic’s advanced software, particularly the impressive VideoFX functionality, all you need is an iPad to create even more fun during the photo booth experience.

Let’s say your company wants a photo booth to record people’s reaction to a business launch or a new product getting to market after years of development. With Snappic’s user-friendly and feature-rich software, your event’s guests will be able to enjoy a true photobooth experience and experiment with a raft of digital tools to make their snappy videos or still images even more engaging. For example, green screen effects mean that your guests can put themselves in front of any background they like. They will be able to use virtual props and have fun playing with them while creating cool boomerangs.

In short, these digital tools allow you to take photo booth experiences to the next level. Not only will this be great for corporate events, but the shareable moments that are captured using our software tools will also encourage people who use them to share their pictures online. For marketing professionals seeking an experience that will flood their social media feeds, this can be incredibly useful, of course. However, it is in the lifelong nature of genuinely memorable image making that these tools really come to the fore. Why opt for standard pictures when you can make ones which are genuinely unforgettable?