Virtual booth

Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on many businesses and industries which has forced many to try and adapt. This doesn’t mean your hard work on your photo booth business has to go to waste just because in-person events have been cancelled. Why not pivot and try something new but that is still within your current industry. Introducing the virtual booth.
Sell the virtual booth not as a replacement for photo booths but as an exciting new marketing platform for your clients.
Covid-19 has also pushed the Snappic family to rethink how we create value for our customers. Virtual photo booths have not only offered our industry new hope but also new possibilities! Although this renewed hope and virtual solution isn’t a permanent replacement, it is a great tool to use while the world waits to reopen, and it will be a great add-on/integration when you do have in-person events again.
The hard work you put in and knowledge you pick up from focusing on the virtual booth will definitely not go to waste in the future.
Your clients are always looking for more brand awareness, event participation, crucial event data and, of course, a uniquely fun experience.
This blog highlights 3 ways you can pivot your marketing campaign to show your corporate clients how they can find value in Virtual Booths and still reach their marketing goals in these uncertain times.

Branding and Customization

Brand recognition has always been of utmost importance to your corporate clients, whether it’s a corporate event, a conference, sponsorship or brand launch. With that being said, our virtual booth provides a variety of opportunities for your clients to still have a unique, branded and immersive experience using any device, anywhere.

You can create a fully branded virtual booth experience by adding your client’s logo or changing the background color to reflect their brand. Snappic’s virtual booths all come with free white-labelled URLs and emails, to make every event unique and further leverage and express your client’s brand. Create unforgettable experiences for your clients, and their guests, by adding custom branded templates and a custom gallery. Our virtual booth is the only one that offers you custom microsite and email templates including the ability to add your own CSS. Custom CSS styling will take your client’s virtual booth from ordinary to extraordinary. Imagine adding your favourite football team’s logo, colours or branding to your templates and then using CSS to make it pop even more. Snappic is the only virtual booth to offer animated custom buttons, which will take your client’s virtual experience to the next level. Think of the endless possibilities! You can even use spinning footballs or your favourite team’s helmet or jersey as experience buttons. Perhaps your client is in the beverage industry and you want to use the bottle caps or cans as experience buttons? Want to make an even bigger impact after the event? Use your client’s branding to create a unique custom overlay, so that their logo is seen every time they view and share their photo after the event.

Increase Event Participation

You have now done all the hard work of setting up a fantastic, branded virtual booth concept.. Your client is hoping to really draw attendees attention and boost activity. They may be wondering, why would guests take time out of their day to take a photo on my virtual booth? What’s in it for them? We certainly have you covered!

Fun Experiences

We all need some entertainment during the pandemic and your client’s virtual booth can give users a unique and fun experience. Snappic offers multiple experience options to keep users glued to the screen, including Still, GIF and Burst/Boomerangs.

Did you know that Snappic is currently the only virtual booth to offer Competition mode and Avatars?? Use this as leverage to sell the very best virtual booth experience to your customers.


We don’t know about you, but we sure love a great chance at winning a prize. Running competitions are a sure way of increasing engagement. With our Scratch-to-win feature, your clients can offer users an incentive to take part and share their experience, building excitement and anticipation as users wait to see if they are a winner. Having a competition option with your virtual booth will also generate chatter and entice more guests to use the virtual booth.


Avatars If there is one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that life is no fun without friends and family but how can your clients provide guests the opportunity to take a group photo virtually? With virtual photo booth event software being able to work on almost any mobile device with a camera, there is no limitation to who, or where you can use the virtual booth. Snappic’s avatar feature uses the latest AI removal technology to bring people together -allowing them to take photos separately but combine their images to create a group photo. The same artificial intelligence also allows you to automatically replace your background with any chosen background. Now users can take photos at Disney World, the beach front or even on the highest mountains without leaving the comfort of their home!

Digital Props

Digital props will bring that extra fun factor to your event. The cherry on-top! Now your clients can have themed parties and have matching digital props. From crazy glasses, silly hats, or fun masks, we provide various pre-made digital props for any theme or event. You can even create your own custom digital props to further enhance the brand. Want to elevate your prop experience? Offer your clients the option to add custom stickers. Our stickers feature gives your client the ability to add faces of your favourite sports players, actors or performers so guests using the virtual booth will have the option to take a photo with their favourite celebrity.

Client Reporting

A successful event! Or was it? Now that you’ve put your client’s brand forward and really sold your virtual concept what do you have to show your client? Well, that is simple! One of the most significant advantages of having the enterprise package is Snappic’s Advanced Analytics.

Now you can provide your client with important event data such as:

Share Data – show your client the share distribution data for their event, for example, how many guests shared via text message or email. Also be able to download all the share data entered by the guests using the virtual booth – such as all phone numbers and email addresses.

Photo Views – show how popular an event or specific photo was with the ability to see which photos had the most views. Reach and impressions on social media platforms. Share status – provide your client with share status information so they can see if any emails or text messages were undelivered and why.

Scratch-to-win Data – your client can download a list of guests who have won prizes to be able to contact them after the event.

Virtual Booth Stats – you can keep track of the credit usage per event.

AVA – Provide your client with more advanced analytics such as number of people that used the virtual booth, gender percentage/distribution and age range.


What if your client is looking for specific data, and not just an email address and/or phone number? Simply create a custom survey to get additional information from their guests. Using our survey builder your clients can use text blocks, ratings, checkboxes, dropdowns and more options to get the data they require. Your client can even choose to make their survey a requirement before starting the virtual booth experience. With Snappic’s advanced analytics and data capture, you are able to provide your client with valuable insight and information about the success of their event and the guests that used the virtual booth.