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Studio Z believed in the power of digital photo booths but kept running into difficulties with their gear and providers. While trying to do boomerangs on the PC, they found the process slow and struggled to get good exposure with their DSLR cameras. When the opportunity came up to evaluate other service providers, they jumped on it and soon chose Snappic.

About Studio Z Photo Booths

Studio Z specializes in social media-enabled open air photo booths for weddings and events. Established in 2012, the company aims to give their clients all the fun of a photo booth with high-end quality photos they can share and treasure forever. Studio Z is based in NYC and has partnered with world-class brands such as Estee Lauder, Lego, and Warner Bro Pictures to name a few.

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Unreliable and Bulky Equipment Limited Their Ability to Offer a World-Class Service

“It just worked. The dashboard backend is the most polished from those I’ve used. Every software has its pros and cons, but Snappic’s mix of features and ease of use (and great/quick support) have made it stand out as the professional application for those who take this foray into iPad booths seriously.”

Zach SchiffmanOwner of Studio Z Photo Booths

Zach Schiffman, the owner of Studio Z Photo Booths, was frustrated at the speed and size of his current photo booth set up. The main system they were using was a PC to process their boomerang photos and a DSLR camera that required a lot of light to get good exposure. Zach soon started exploring service providers to make his service more Screen-Shotcompact, mobile and user-friendly for his clients. He also wanted the option to personalize the branding of the software.

Zach needed a system that would help scale his business while solving his initial challenges. After meeting Julio at the Photo Booth Expo in 2017, and hearing how they had helped similar companies, he decided to choose Snappic. “The number one thing that made me go with Snappic was the ability to completely white label the experience for my company. The last thing you want when pitching 5 figure contracts is for the client to see what software you are using and learn they can do this themselves. Not only did the white label experience shed my woes on this, but it also let me host all my galleries on my subdomains or my client’s.”

Studio Z Photo Booths Increases Revenue with Snappic

Since switching to Snappic’s user-friendly and mobile software, Studio Z has seen a direct result to their bottom line. “To think, just a few years ago, we were making less than USD 50K gross revenue. Now our booths running Snappic have generated more this year than our total gross a few years ago.

Most of all, Zach finds that having an all-in-one digital photo booth solution has been their secret weapon. “Being able to brand the experience for my clients from top to bottom has set us apart from our competitors. Snappic has made this insanely easy whiScreen-Shotle letting us be more compact and mobile at events. We are able to instantly start processing photos, keeping the lines short and providing the best experience for my clients.

“Between boomerang booths and our Boomarray Slider system, we have changed our game in 2017. More money with “easier” work. Less networking sharing stations and dealing with so many cables and tech that can (and will) go wrong. Now we can focus on making great looking animations fast and easy. “ – Zach Schiffman, owner of Studio Z Photo Booths

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